Corrugated Box building


Atlantic Corrugated Box was founded in 1985 by Edward Barlow, Sr. Starting out in this 18,000 square foot warehouse in Richmond's historic Manchester district, the company focused on providing a broad range of services in addition to supplying traditional corrugated products.

Today, CEO Edward Barlow, II is focused on growth while maintaining a hard-earned reputation for quality and integrity. A native Richmonder, Edward began working with his father in the business as a teenager. Starting out as a floor sweeper and die transporter, over the years he learned the special combination of art and science that creates quality corrugated products. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 1990, Edward came on board full-time and began managing the business, eventually purchasing the firm.

With a constant focus on responsible growth, we are a strong, debt-free company that maintains consistent reinvestment into the business. This has allowed us to acquire our current 60,000 square foot facility and enhance our capabilities while remaining committed to quality products and unmatched service.

1701 Ruffin Road | Richmond, VA 23234 | | 804.231.4050